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  • Shampoo and deep condition the hair. Color-treated hair needs extra care. Deep conditioning makes the hair more manageable and vibrant.
  • Apply a light smoothing serum and blow dry the hair as straight as possible with a ceramic or tourmaline blow dryer and a round brush.
  • Flat iron the hair in small sections with a tourmaline and gemstone iron. Unlike any other heat technology this combination, straightens hair without depriving it of essential moisture. Try the Fusion Tools flat iron.
  • Create coils in the hair with your flatiron by pulling the hair up at an angle. Twist the wrists when you near the end of each piece of hair. Pin curl each piece after curling it.
  • Release pin curls. Curls should be bouncy and tight. Spray a light aerosol holding spray to minimize the fall of the curls.
  • To finish the look, apply a few squirts of gloss.

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A sedu hairstyle means a seductive hairstyle that refers to the super straight kind of hair fashion that everybody is crazy about these days. Everywhere you look, whether in the malls, offices or colleges, it is clear that women love this hairstyle every after years from now.

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyles

Even though, the sedu hairstyles may look expensive and hard to maintain, the truth is everybody can achieve this hair do with the use of a quality flat iron. The desirable flat iron should be made of ceramic which is the best kind of flat iron to be used for this purpose of straightening out your hair to get that ultra straight hair without causing damage to your hair through overheating while adding the natural shine that gives off a healthy look for your hair. The ceramic flat iron does this by neutralizing the positive ions on your hair while trapping moistures and oils that are needed to give of that silky hair appearance.

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyles

To get the best out of your flat iron, make sure that it has adjustable temperature settings and take into consideration of the highest temperature it offers. This is very important to suit the needs of a variety of different hair types that need different temperature range to achieve that pin straight hair look. Coarser, curlier and thicker hair are obviously harder to straightened as compared to thin, slightly wavy hair that does not need too much heat to achieve the same look. High temperatures are desired for hairs that are difficult to iron out. Check also that it has a fast heat time that is less than 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature to save time and electricity.

When ironing your hair, it is best to work with small parts of your hair at a time. Do not rush, as you want to get the best straightened look that covers your whole head. Working with small area at a time also eliminates heat transactions. To get a sleeker super straight finish, it is best to touch up areas that need to be iron out even more. By focusing the heat more on the wanted areas, this will give off a much thorough ultra straight look. Add shine serum after you are done to keep the hair straightened for a longer period of time and to provide extra shine to your silky straight hair.