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As we have entered a new season many women are thinking about ways to update their looks, and the perfect answer is with hair color. For those who are keen to look for new hairstyles, here are some hair color and face shape ideas that will take you from breakfast to office to parties.

Color – Honey Blonde
Suits – Heart shaped faces

Best For – Naturally Straight Hair

To get this look first ask your hair dresser for a shoulder length bob, which has slight layers graduating up to the chin and a long side sweeping fringe.

Honey Blonde Hairstyle – Heart shaped faces

To style blow dry your hair using a round brush and turn the hair in at the bottom. Also use the brush to add a little height to the crown.

This look should be super sleek so use some John Frieda Frizz Ease Glossing Spray to get rid of any flyaway or frizzy hairs and also add some incredible shine.

Color – Dark Chocolate Brown
Suits – Almost every face shape

Brown Hairstyle – every face Shape

Great For – People who aren’t sure about bangs – if you don’t suit this look the bangs are long enough to clip back away from the face

Hilary’s new bangs really soften her face shape. To get this look print out this picture for your hairdresser or just ask for heavy fringe that sits just below the eyebrows and has longer lengths to frame the face.

To style your new hair do, begin by applying some styling mousse and they blow-dry, using a large round brush just to add a little body.

For Hilary’s look bob your bangs under just slightly and then use your fingers to sweep the longer length parts to the side, leaving you with just enough to cover your forehead.

Brush through and when you’re happy with the position of your fringe and hair use some hairspray to keep it all in place and to smooth down any extra frizzes that may be sticking up around the crown.

Color – An almost black base with some chunky rich brown pieces. Suits – Round and oval faces.

Needs – Straight hair, avoid if your hair is even slightly wavy or curly unless you are willing to straighten it every day.

Ask your hairdresser for a blunt fringe that is slightly graduated, so you can sweep it to the side.

To style blow dry your hair and fringe straight, then use a little bit of wax to create a slightly angled look.

Color – Chestnut Brown Suits – Long and oval faces, or high foreheads

Andy’s look is all about the fringe, to get this look you should askyour hairdresser for a heavy fringe that sits just below the eyebrows.

To style add some frizz minimising lotion to your hair and blow dry.

For Andy’s extra sleek look run some ceramic straighteners over your hair too and separate the fringe with your fingers a little.

Brush through and when you’ve positioned your fringe and hair just right use some hairspray to keep it all in place and to smooth down any extra frizzes that may be sticking up around the crown.

Color – A light golden blonde base with large sections of champagne blonde throughout Suits – Almost any face shape but especially good on hearts and round faces
Reese has been growing her hair for quite a while now and she showed it off, going for a long and loose style at this years Oscars.

Gold Blonde Hairstyle

To get her look you need to start with a cut that has long layers, with some shorter ones to frame the face and a long fringe. Get a picture of Reese our print our one out to take to the hairdressers so they know exactly what type of look you’re going for.

When you’re styling your hair apply some serum after you’ve washed it and blow-dry with a large round brush. When you’ve done all your locks you might want to use some straighteners and go over the ends with them, to ensure your look is totally sleek.

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So let us share some of the hairstyles that suit round face shapes like you.

Hairstyles for Round FaceMeg Short Curly Haircut

Hairstyle for Round FaceParis Hilton Short Layered Hairstyle

Hairstyle for round faceKirsten Long Layered Hairstyle

Hairstyle for round faceKelly Clarckson Medium Length Bob Hairstyle

If you matches your hairstyles with some accessories, especially like earrings that to provide length, such as long, dangling or rectangular-shaped earrings, will help to you to look slimmer.

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