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Prom Hairstyle Tips

Prom Hairstyles for Women and Prom Tips

Have you even felt like being ripped by paying $45 for a trim. That’s why I always think of ways how to keep low maintenance hairstyles.

Ladies, if you can’t resist being a diva about the coif, just know that average prices will run you over $600 each year for highlights, cuts and product.

  • Get a Student price

Students need practice before stepping into a salon as a certified stylist. While this may make you nervous, think about it for a minute, students will take the most care and time in giving you a great cut.

  • Get trims from discount stylists

Before you snub your nose at Super Cuts, take note that even beauty magazine editors will visit the discount stylist between major style changes.

  • Preserve the quality and not quantity of your hair

Wash your hair every other day, even if you work out. Most shampoos have chemicals that strip many of your natural oils and leave your hair dry and brittle when used every day.

  • Choose styles that easily maintain

Short hair is cute, but cute costs. Longer styles don’t need as much maintenance.

  • Don’t color your own hair

Those cheapy boxes at the drug store do occasionally fail to match the actual color to the box. You won’t find out until the final rinse that Strawberry Fields was marked as Bold Brunette.

  • Seek samples of product

Just as at the doctor’s office, you can score shampoo, conditioner, and gel products from salons and department stores.

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