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This 2010 we’ll present more great ideas for your brand new fall emo hairstyle. We’ll focus on short emo girls hairstyles. Enjoy the pictures!

Short Emo Girl Hairstyles – Emo Pixie Cut

2010 Fall Hairstyles for Emo Girl

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Emo Girl look so hot with Pink Hairstyle and Fashion

Pink emo  hairstyle

Emo hairstyles are the biggest symbol of the whole Emo scene. For boys Emo hairstyles are definitely associated with the greasy look. Emo boys hairstyles are usually dyed in black and should fall over one eye.
Pink Emo Girl Hairstyle
Pink Emo Girl Hairstyle
Emo hairstyles for girls are in some way very similar to emo boys hairstyles, but still much more feminine ! Emo girls are looking for fresh colors all the time so we can see the whole color palette emo girls, from black to blonde, emo girls can have what ever color they prefer! Emo girls also have much more freedom in styling the emo hair, short or long it doesn’t matter as long as it looks like true emo hair. Emo girls also wash their hair more regularly then emo boys.
Layered Emo Girl Haircut
Layered Emo Girl Haircut