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All curly hair is different. You could have big curls or tiny spirals. Some curly hair is drier than others. You have to experiment if you want to find the best product for your hair. If one product doesn’t work, find another one.

Good shampoo. Shampoo can really dry out your hair because it can strip your hair of it’s natural moisture. Make sure you get one made especially for dry or curly hair. Also, don’t shampoo too often. Once to three times a week is plenty to shampoo. Otherwise, just rinse and scrub your scalp.
Curly Haircare
Now you need to condition your hair once it is clean. Stay away from thin cheap conditioners like Vo5 or Suave. They are very thin and won’t do much for you hair. Use a conditioner that is thick and let it sit on your hair for a least a minute before you rinse it out.

Conditioner. This is important to keep your hair as moisturized as possible. Apply more conditioner on the ends and less on the scalp. The ends are older and usually drier which is why they need more moisture.
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Don’t skip the conditioner! It is the most important step for curly hair. Even a daily conditioner still might not be enough. Use a deep conditioner once a week or once a month. A deep treatment will give you that extra moisture it needs when it it needs it.

The next step is styling tools. You need to use styling products to get the best, bouncy curls. If you skip this step, you could end up with a frizzy mess. It doesn’t matter what products you use, but you should start with a leave-in conditioner. This gives you the right amount of moisture throughout the day.