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Cute Spiral Curly hairstyle
Spiral Curls Hairstyles
Let see how we can copy this glam and prom hairstyle:

* Plug in Conair Spiral Styler and turn it on. Allow it to preheat according to your products directions. There will probably be a heat ready light or dot on your spiral curling iron to indicate when it is heated.

* If your spiral curling iron has steam, get the iron ready to steam by pressing the steam button down 3 or 4 times to make sure the steam is coming out. You might not see the steam but if you hear a hissing sound it is working.

* You should only use a spiral curling iron on dry hair. Gather a section of hair that is approximately one inch wide. If it is too thick it will not curl.

* Open the hair clamp on the spiral curling iron by pressing the lever and put the end of the section of hair under the clamp. There should be arrows to show you which direction.

* Wind the hair counter clockwise on the spiral curling iron between the guides. It should fall between the guides easily.

* Press the steam button to release steam into the hair.

* Leave the curl in place on the spiral curling iron for 30 seconds. Carefully unwind the hair and press the lever to release the end of the hair. Allow the curl to cool completely.

* Continue with the spiral curling iron until all of the hair is done. Be sure to unplug the spiral curling iron when done.

* Finger-style the spiral curls as desired and set with a light fixative.