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2011 Wedding Hairstyle for Women and Hair Tips
2011 Wedding Hairstyle for Women and Hair Tips
Here are some tips that will help you choose the right bridal hairstyle for your wedding day :

  • Grow your hair a few months before the wedding. This will give you more choices in choosing the right hair style that will suit you.
  • Consider where the wedding – beach or church. A long curly hair styles soft flowing hair style or short and sassy may be more suitable for the beach. A traditional updo hair style may not be suitable for church wedding theme or a fairy story.
  • Consider the line, density and texture of your wedding dress and your hair accessories (tiara.. etc). The line dress should complement your hair.
  • Finally, one week before the wedding day, have a wedding hair trial at the salon followed by a bridal make-up. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can cross over from one of these items on your wedding list. If not, discuss with your hairdresser to make adjustments on the hair style or even make changes.
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