French Twist Hairstyles for Womens 2009

Side Posh Ponytail Hairstyle
Side Posh Ponytail
How to: Apply styling creme to damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Curl most of the length with a large-barrel curling iron or flexible rollers. Then, brush hair back and catch at the nape with a coated elastic. Wind a section of hair around the base and pin in place to hold.

If you have hair that’s shoulder length or longer is just right for transforming into a stunning French Twist Hairstyle

French Twist Hairstyle for Women
French Twist Hairstyle
How to: For best results, book an appointment with a professional stylist. Sides are brushed back and tucked into a seam that’s pinned into place. A few pieces at the top of the seam and in front go free for a super flirty touch.

Undo texture and intricate braiding at the front hairline give this look a romantic yet elegant feel.

French Ponytail Hairstyle
Braid Hairstyle

How to: Styling the length for movement is easy, simply apply texture creme and scrunch strands as you diffuse dry. The French braid technique, in which you plait hair and add more sections as you move along, is best achieved by a professional stylist. But isn’t it worth it when the event is extra special?